Ramya Katta Couture

A label which has adopted traditional designs mingling with simple, sophisticated and distinctly contemporary silhouettes, thereby creating a fresh new aesthetic that is both indigenous and present-day. It is a seasoning of heritage and imagination mixed with culture and trends. A brand embracing the Indian attitude, of finding order amid chaos, to create a unique fashion concept. The line’s approach towards fashion is idiosyncratic design for each client and to still remain bold – aligned to the brand’s character, making it an interesting design proposal.


Ramya Katta Couture design philosophy is to explore festive wardrobe staples through the pursuit of originality alongside the use of India’s indigenous textiles; modern tailoring that embraces a respect for deep rooted crafts, an awareness of individual motive and a responsibility towards ethical business practices. The line is an extension of Ramya’s personality which reflects a woman’s image of herself, including her dreams and desires, self-image, values, sensuality, and interests.

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